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2017 marks the 16th year GOGO has designed and managed the Excellence Awards for Toyota Australia!

Sarah and GOGO Events have worked with us on our Toyota Excellence Awards events in Adelaide for over 16 years. Each and every year Sarah and her team not only deliver outstanding themed events, but she also ensures that everything runs smoothly on the night. There is never a doubt that Sarah will have it all under control!


In recent years we have been privileged to partner with Sarah and GOGO events to help make a difference to some special people in our society. Everyone involved in our events have been overwhelmed by the work Sarah and her team do to provide meaningful training and work experience for these women, whilst at the same time delivering an unforgettable experience for our guests.

Watch this space for photos of our event in 2015, it promises to be our best yet!


Felicity Henshaw,

Marketing Manager Central Region,

Toyota Australia


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Fabulous Design

For 16 years we have collaborated with the Toyota team to design their event from scratch. That means each year the event tells a different story: of the year that has been and the vision for the year ahead. This has included everything from the times when Toyota held the number 1 position for vehicle sales in Australia, to the year immediately proceeding the Tsunami in Japan.  We have together created stunning memorable unique events year after year.


Embracing Social Change

In 2012 Toyota embraced the social change at GOGO events and engaged its corporate social responsibility policies through and commenced an eduring relationship with our disadvantaged women’s work team.


Bravo Toyota, your events are creating a legacy



In 2016, Toyota provided the opportunity for 8 women to learn computer sills at TAFE Adelaide. Our trainees were invited to design a concept and print material for that year’s Excellence Awards. One of our women showed particular proficiency. We arranged a graphic design mentor for her and she went on to design the Save the date email, the invitation, the table décor and the PowerPoint templates for the event.


Here is the story of Francesca's experience through that process...

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