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Our Team

Sarah Gun

Event Guru


Award winning business founder, social innovator and creative wiz. Sarah can imagine the impossible and bring it to life. The social impact of GOGO events is proof that anything is possible. Sarah leadership on socially and environmentally responsible events set new standards for the events industry across Australia.

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Janine Vella

Manager Events

No one provides more thorough or more intuitive customer service than Janine. Capable of highly complex stakeholder management whilst tuned in to the finer details and the relationships that are the heart and soul of all event outcomes. She leads with generosity and a clear mindset. our events, your events, are in very safe hands.

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Anne Burrow

Consultant Expert

Whose events hasn't she managed? Anne is an i-dotter and a t-crosser. Vast national and international event experience, she adds the details and oversight to our team when we need that extra set of eyes. Like stage managing a diner for 1500 - easy peasy.

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 We design, co-design, create, scope, visualise, cost, hunt, discover, schedule, buy, borrow, rent, make, sew, cut, fit, iron, dress, shape, install, plan, identify, host, smile, solve, repair, clean, pack, share, enjoy, participate, love.
Always in the kitchen at Parties! #socialbusiness #foodies #launch _unisa _chooks4gendereq

Our event crews

All our event staff are people who have experienced complex barriers to employment 

For over 12 years we have seen the impact of meaningful and rewarding paid-work for people with barriers to employment. All our staff are on their journey too safe, suitable and sustainable paid work, and our team and our clients. Here is a sneak peek...

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